Logo of Castle ClashHave you ever dreamed of being a warlord? A man or woman with all the earthly mighty powers? The one with the possession of various mystic and majestic creatures!!! Castle Clash is your pocket rocket to go forward with. This fantasy addiction incorporates all those essentials of making it a befitting adventure. Let be peace or be the war, you are never rested rather the exciting adventure takes you on a journey full of the fiestas of victories, disputes, resolution and all that militaristic stuff as well. We know, it’s getting hard for you to wait to hear what it realistically offers!!!

It all starts with a single little kingdom that you own and can take to new heights. The war is on from the beginning. You are engaged in various combats. You have to be among the sharpest of minds to get the right trump card in play. This small kingdom that you own slowly starts to rise as a major power. You get engaged in different combats. You build your own guild of those majestic creatures as pets in your kingdom. You feed them, nurture them, raise them and turn them into a war machine that ruins your enemies.

Castle Clash for PC

Initially, after being in a defensive mood, protecting your kingdom from other savage attacks it’s time for you to get high and offensive, get your guild ready for an epic journey, clashes with the undermined, undefeated beasts of other kingdoms. Get your kingdom to new expansions, get new guilds under your belts and make a regional and international power of yourself. Get all the gems and other rewards to rise up the ranks!!! Do online battles on your own demands, win over the other guilds and defeat the demons along their savage attacks.

Moreover, you can have your own heroes, the ones who fight along your pets guide them through ferocious battles, protect precious resources of your kingdom. The game gets more of your love, when you can connect your friends through this extravaganza!! You can battle with and for your friends, exchange delicacies and a hell lot of things!!! In simple words, this game is a complete package for you.

It’s a place where all your management skills are exercised. Your power of decision is the most important. Every second matters! Every battle you take on decides your fate in the game. You lead from the front, with all the brain you have! Your pets need to be raised diligently so they can win battles for you, bringing you gems and other rewards from there campaigns and raids.

What’s Unique about it? Features

Just as a man is known by the company he keeps, similarly a game is known by the leisurely features it has, and our mighty Castle Clash: Brave Squads is an amusement known for its phenomenal features. Have a look on them!

  • This game revolves around you and your fortress like kingdom, this building feature allows you to turn your kingdom into a formidable power, protecting it from foreign attacks and hence giving you a strength to carve for more!
  • Graphics are the backbone of a game, and we can proudly say that our backbone is one of the best in the world. The multitude of the graphics we offer, have been a constant landmark of this game. No one can abstain him or herself from praising the quality of illustrations this game offers. Virtually, one can’t distinguish whether it is actually gaming world or not, every minimal detail has been cared for, everything seems so realistic, you feel yourself to be a part of every move you take, every battle you fight and every step you take ahead!
  • Just like every movie can’t be complete without a hero, your tiresome journey needs a hero, you can be the kingmaker, turn a charismatic character into a hero and move ahead in the game of your dreams.
  • There is no life without friends, right? So we have a solution for you, this game offers a unique international gaming experience, make friends in every part of the world, at every level and fight along them, share with them, give your friendship a boost.
  • One feature that makes it superior over other battle games is its option for co-op battles, fight together and win together! Similarly, want to have competition with your friend? No problem, you can show them you are the best!! With this exciting game, you have the PVP option as well with you, where you can have the ecstatic player to player combat as well!
  • Are you not so fluent in English? Still no worries for you, the game has an array of various languages for you to choose from, play the Castle Clash: Brave Squad in your own language. These languages include
    1. Spanish: Being the most spoken language in the world, this language connects you almost 20-30% users! Hence an important landmark in the game.
    2. German
    3. Italian
    4. Korean
    5. Russian
    6. Japaneese
    7. And French!

Keeping in mind all the shortcomings, the app has been updated for you! The updated one is like a combo pack for you, it has all that you want, bugs have been fixed, new locations have been added, various skin color and attributes have been associated to the heroes, visual attack effects and normal attacks have been improved to a much greater extent. Similarly, hero altar slots have been increased from 1 to 2 and warehouse slots to a maximum of 10. And much more, go and check yourself!

Nowadays, the gaming world is mostly meant for the Android or Apple users with their click of a play store or app store, they have access to these stupendous games!
Dear PC and Mac users, it is time for you to get chilled, because we have solved your problems!

Dowload for PC and Mac

PC and Mac users are generally segregated from these hell fun games just because they don’t own an android or IOS device. But it’s all over now! It is 21 st century man, we have some fun solution to these no problems at all! PC or Mac, emulator is your game savor. Yes! You heard it right, get an emulator.

Castle Clash for PC Windows

Now what is that? Let’s decode it!

Emulator- A new invention? NO!

An emulator is a software or like a software (depends upon its type) which is typically used to make your PC or Mac behave like another system.​ ​Depending upon the emulators, a PC would behave like another environment like Android or IOS. Same goes for Macs, an emulator can effectively turn your Mac’s environment into an android one, given the use of a correct emulator. Talking in kiddy terms, an emulator is like a virtual joystick,which when installed on your PC or Mac, allows you to play, use and work on different android applications and other specs. The next question that may arise in your mind is, which emulator should be used? One thing you need to understand is that, the internet world is full these colorful and most effective emulators like as follows:-

So, which one be used?

Too Many Choices, Confused?

You should keep in mind that all the above listed emulators are of their own class, and provide you a classic gaming experience even on your PCs! So you can use any emulator listed above.
Here we will talk about Bluestacks and Nox. And give a complete guide on how to get this electrifying game on your PCs and Macs.

What Bluestacks offer?

Here are some advantages of the Bluestacks.

  • Any application you want: Unlike some other emulators which have some limitations, Bluestacks can be used to install or download any application on your PC or Mac.
  • Adaptability: Bluestacks offers a very huge edge that it syncs the mouse and keyboard with the android environment, allowing you to effectively control your game and thus giving you an edge over others.
  • It also allows you to sync your android along with your PC in such a way that you can use the data in your mobile storage and hence do your work effectively.

Similar is the case with Nox!

Castle Clash: Brave Squads through Bluestacks


Here is the comprehensive guide to lead you to a thrilling game experience.

Logo of bluestacks

  1. Using the link, you can download the Bluestacks file.
  2. Once you download it, configuring all settings, you can easily install it on your PC desktop or Mac.
    Open Bluestcaks for PC
  3. After opening the Bluestacks icon on the desktop, you will see the Google play store icon on main bluestacks screen. Just get the play store open in your PC by the click.
  4. Now, it’s just like the android environment, you can search for your dream Castle Clash: Brave Squads and download it.
    Search and install Castle Clash for PC & Mac with Bluestacks
  5. After download its ready for you to play and enjoy!
    Play Castle Clash for PC with Bluestacks

Castle Clash: Brave Squads through Nox


Logo of Nox

  1. Clicking on the above link will lead you to the downloading file.
  2. Get the file downloaded, and have it on your desktop.
  3. Do all the settings and configuration work.
  4. After opening the Nox from the desktop, get to add an Apk icon on Nox screen.
  5. Here, search for the Castle Clash: Brave squads, and get it on your Nox.
  6. Now open the game icon and delve into a unique gaming experience.

Do you feel segregated now? Or feel any difference? Don’t think so!

Castle Clash: Brave squads on Android

Logo of AndroidLong Live the play store! For game lovers it is like heaven on earth. You can use Play store for castle clash: Brave squad on androids.

  1. Get to you android’s play store.
  2. Look for Castle clash: Brave squads by
  3. Install it and play!

Believe it, that’s it, you have installed it.

System Requirements
But, here are also some android requirements that your mobile pack needs to fulfil!

  • The game needs at least a space of 30 MB, so make sure to have this space.
  • Your Android must be 4.1 or higher so that you can drive your dream bus.
  • It needs an access to your media, Call details and wifi etc, which almost every game does.(This game has more than 50 million users, trusting our services and who never faced an issue, giving us their vote of confidence, so be cool and calm to trust us)

Castle Clash: Brave Squads on IOS devices

Logo of iOSAlas! Currently, Castle Clash: Brave Squads is not available for IOS users currently. But wait, we have something cool to offer to you.

Alternatives for IOS users


Logo of Clash War EmpireA similar game from the same developer named Castle Clash: War Empire, is on the offer at the app store. Go grab it there and have the fun fights all along.
Here is a guide to download it!

Castle Clash: War Empires on IOS Devices

  1. Pop out you App store.
  2. Get to the search bar for Castle Clash: War Empire
  3. After you see it, don’t waste a second and get it on your slim and smart iphone to make it more stylish.
  4. Nothing is left! Just open and play.

Let’s have a look at the system requirements for IOS devices for playing the game

System Requirements for IOS
Your device should have the following traits for you to get addicted to this game.

  1. Castle Clash: War Empire requires an IOS device with version 7.1 or up.
  2. You at least need to have a free space of 730MB for this game to get installed.

We hope that this little guide gets you through the difficult parts of downloading the games, now rest remains for you is to play it like a champion!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Castle Clash: Brave squads?
    Castle Clash: Brave squads is an immersive, cohesive online adventure sports games, that gets your game buds a taste of combat through various battles with demons, other kingdoms and all the anti-kingdom stuff. Manage your own fortress, have your heroes, train them. Have your pets, raise them and train them to fight for your guild.
  2. What is paid in app?
    Being a premier adventure game, castle clash has variety of premium content to offer to its users. The in app purchases may include your xps, gems and all that stuff, similarly use your money wisely to unlock various pets and heroes.
    The prices of premium content ranges from $1.00-$100.00.
  3. Is it available for other OS also?
    By having a chromecast, you can enable yourself to play this game on your TV screens and thus experience even more realistic theme.
  4. How to run game perfectly?
    They key to being a successful gamer is using a fast and reliable internet, same goes for this game.
  5. Why isn’t it getting downloaded?
    Check your android version as it needs to 4.1 and up.